Things to Remember When Planning Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy

For more than five years, Adam Drybrough has served as a self-employed development and business strategy consultant. In this capacity, he helps landowners and developers manage various projects and find the best land for their needs. More recently, Adam Drybrough also began working as a self-employed digital marketing consultant and in this role he collaborates
with corporate, retail, and startup brands.

Digital marketing is a great and affordable way for startups to reach new customers, but there are a few things they must remember when engaging in such marketing tactics. Following are just a few points to think about:

Be frequent and consistent with social media -Many startups rely on social media to build their brands, but without regularity and uniformity, a company’s desired brand can easily get lost. Ideally, social media posts to Facebook are made between five to 10 times each week and they should all fall in line with a brand’s message.

Always have a strategy for mobile optimization – In recent years, mobile browsing has become one of the predominant ways to access information online. For this reason, startups cannot forget to include mobile optimization when they plan their digital marketing strategy. Doing so ensures a seamless site experience regardless of the device being used.

Keep content creative – Content marketing remains one of the best ways for sharing a startup’s message. However, consumers have no interest in reading content that is boring or unclear. Fortunately, startups no longer have to pay top dollar for creative content and they should take advantage of this benefit to ensure their brand identity is built properly.