Three Essential Safety Tips for Skydiving



A self-employed business consultant, Adam Drybrough focuses on the areas of digital marketing and business growth hacking. Away from his work, Adam Drybrough gets his adrenaline pumping with skydiving. Here are some essential safety tips that all skydivers should follow.

1. Your jumpsuit. A well-fitted jumpsuit is essential to protect you from the wind and cold temperatures you will experience at high altitudes. Examine the suit for any holes that will allow air to seep inside.

2. Communication. If you jump with others, communication before the jump is crucial. Confirm a jumping order to limit confusion in the air, and make sure enough time elapses between the previous jump and your own to ensure the safety of both yourself and your fellow jumpers.

3. Landing in high wind. While you should follow your skydiving leader’s instructions with regard to landing, high winds present an additional challenge, as they may blow you into the previous jumper if you both land in the same direction. To avoid this, steer yourself so that you land in a different direction from previous jumpers.