Search Engine Optimization – How It Works


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Search Engine Optimization

Since early 2014, Adam Drybrough has served as a digital strategy and growth hacking consultant. In his work with start-up corporate and retail companies, Adam Drybrough helps each business to craft digital marketing strategies that align with search engine optimization (SEO) and related best practices.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process by which a company “persuades” a search engine to rank its site above those of its competitors. Search engines rank results using integrated algorithms, which consider multiple factors including the site’s reputation, its overall quality, and the number of websites with links to the page in question.

Search engines determine site quality based on how unique and engaging the content is. Content should include plenty of information about the company’s products or services, and this information should be different from what other similar companies are offering.

The site owner must then publicize the content so that users can explore, share, and engage with it. A strong public reputation also helps the company to secure links on other sites, which further improves the company’s overall search engine ranking. At the same time, as the site’s reach increases and more people interact with it, its reputation improves and the search engine considers the site to be more trustworthy, which further improves its results in SEO algorithms.